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        We work collaboratively with startups, investors and experts to empower global startup ecosystem of the country. We curate startups and mentor them to present well to the investors. Startups are needed to be nurtured to grow and flourish.

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“If you’re unsure of your next move then we can help you out with a mentor to guide your way and a plan to succeed without a doubt.”

We have studied why 95% startups in India fail and why most startups in Silicon Valley succeed. The only difference is a mentor and that is what we are getting you.

You would be surprised to know that even the famous Google was mentored by the ex-CEO of Intel in its initial days.

Bill gates even today has Warren Buffett as his mentor.

Our ex PM Mr Jawaharlal Nehru was mentored by Mahatma Gandhi.

Steve Jobs mentoring Mark Zuckerberg.

This list doesn’t end……..

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