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Dr. Ferdinand Rodricks

Our experience of modifying vehicles for the differently abled for over 35 years allows us to guarantee high quality work whether it is installing hand controls, customizing wheelchair or any other modification of vehicles. We have engineered effective, workable solutions for hundreds of people and this has allowed us to be able to customize vehicles to suit every person’s need. Every adaptation is a challenge that we take on ourselves to overcome. Our users are a testimony to the fact that we are known and trusted throughout India for our quality, ingenuity and innovations. One of our major achievements includes customizing a vehicle for the renowned British scientist Prof. Stephen Hawking to travel in his wheelchair during his 2000 India visit for which we have been awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the British High Commission. On the social front we have been providing monthly provisions to Adivasi orphanage for the hearing impaired at Nere New Panvel catering to their monthly requirements since 2012 and also celebrate Christmas with more than 100 underprivileged children of all castes every year since 2011. Our company truly believes in “Our Work is Engineering but our Passion is Dynamic Living.”